The Playground

Responding to challenges posed by remote interaction and physical distancing, The Playground creates a hybrid world, both physical and digital – encouraging us to reimagine social interaction in times of distance.

The designers’ shared identity ‘The Monads', in design process and gameplay, integrates their personal collaboration through performances, music, poetry, and co-produced costume: an interface between physical and virtual where seemingly arbitrary constraints form a rigorous framework for experimentation.

Players are invited to embark on an evolving journey questioning what it means to be together when physically not co-located, to collectively construct a shared environment through messy, unpredictable interaction.
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The Monads

The Monads are Mahalia Henry-Richards and Stephen Henderson. Formed as both avatars and a shared identity, The Monads came into being as an attempt to explore the concept of shared space. Rather than thinking of space in physical terms, The Monads prompt us to ask what constitutes togetherness and collaboration in times of physical distance.

Throughout the development of The Playground, they experimented on their own interactions aiming to break through the flatness inherent in many online platforms. They aim to use play and the concept of making the familiar strange to get us to question the nature of our interactions, where our agency lies, and where the lines are between construct and reality.


Cyclico is an interactive online tool which provides a visual palette of rotating geometries that you can manipulate and augment via four sliders - creating a variety of constantly morphing and undulating audio responsive graphics.
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Follow / Avoid

Development of a virtual reality tool for breaking movement habits and exploring new choreographies.

(Many) Ways of Seeing

Exploring ways of seeing our surrounding environment, using machine learning models BigBiGAN & im2txt


Mahalia [ma-hay-lee-yah] Henry-Richards is an interdisciplinary designer with a background in architectural and digital design as well as performance.

The merging of disciplines is central to her work - challenging and questioning what forms design can take. Her approach is one that centres a playful and explorative methodology and she is passionate about her work creating space for the messy, nuanced and visceral qualities of life to take centre stage.

Mahalia is an Associate Lecturer at University for the Creative Arts, leading a studio involved in the reimagining of architectural and spatial design - incorporating new media technologies and intertwining physical and digital experience.